project BRIEF Q&A

Here's the fun paperwork - a bunch of questions that create a project brief for our team (fancy creatives call it a "reverse brief"). Please fill in the form fields - and upload any additional materials.


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eg. copywriting, video production, brand management, research, strategy...
A brief description of the whole shebang!
Primary, and secondary goals and outcomes - eg. behavioural change and/or marketing objectives
What customer/consumer audience, or audience segments can you identify for the project?
Who are the people, or groups of people, we NEED to communicate with?
Tell us any key dimensions to the project eg. word count, page count, number of interviewees, number of focus groups...
Please nominate a deadline or timeline for execution, including milestones - this one is a mandatory, so please estimate if unsure...
If relevant - what does the competitor landscape look like?
Can you supply any inspiring examples that show what you're thinking of? Throw in any links or let us know if you have media, or upload to the cloud folder at
Are there any specific items we must deliver?
List any really solid guidelines here - like existing style guides, material requirements, use of colour, photography or illustration, corporate standards, personal preferences. Any available visual references or documented guides can be uploaded to
Where/who will complementary creativity (writing/design/illustration/photography/programming) come from?
eg. Where will the ad run, the brochure be distributed, the product be sold? How does the distribution affect budget, schedule or other specifications? How/where will you sell the product? What is the retail price? Where is this positioned in the market place?
Most projects leave one overall impression. Whats the one thing the reader/viewer should remember about the project?
Who are the key people involved in the project on your end, who is the project manager, and our primary contact?
Stick anything else you want us to know in here or upload to the cloud folder at
Add links we can use... or just waste time trawling through.
What opportunities are we looking at? Is there some major disruption in play we can leverage? Some innovation ahead?